Ah, hello there, so you wanna read my blog?

Published November 11, 2011 by vanyapandey

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Good, good. I do, too. Thing is, i have nothing to entertain you with, currently. If we were not connected by the virtual world only, and if you were facing me in all your human flesh-and-blood glory, i would perhaps do a little dance for you- a little jig set to the tunes of “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin (forgive me, that’s the song currently lodged in the ‘music-entrapment’ recesses of my brain). Or perhaps you would prefer something a little more sprightly, and err- desi? Worry not, I have a fine selection of Govinda songs, ranging from “Main toh raste se jaa raha tha”, to “Tu mera, tu mera, tu mera, tu mera, tu mera(ad infinitum) Hero No.1. After all, I’m Here For Your Entertainment. How awesome is Adam Lambert? But i digress. Your entertainment shall be my number one priority henceforth. I shall empty out the bowels of my deliciously disturbed brain here, without fail, solely to make your life more entertaining. You know, you really should be “out there”, doing some more interesting stuff.. but that’s okay- i don’t judge.  No, seriously. I don’t. Please read my blog? Please? See, i’ll dance for you,if you do. Oh right, you can’t see me. Well good, coz i’m in a fugly pair of pyjamas anyway. And i really should be sleeping. It’s six fucking am. So, i hope to see you soon. I hope you don’t judge me too soon. I swear, i have more substantial things to say. After i get some beauty sleep. So, Later?

Have a good day, ‘reader’ ! 🙂



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