About the Author

These are the ramblings of a mind wandering in this wonderland of a world. Of a woman. An all-woman. A wondering, vivacious, verbose all-woman, a Virgo at that. Called Vanya. But that’s not important. I repeat, no more alliterations.
Hi there. I’m Vanya, and i fell through a rabbit-hole. I may have bumped my head a few times, and the downfall was nothing short of a disgrace. From then on, i gave myself the title of The Manic Queen of the Damned. And life has been easier down here. I love glitter and have ADHD and Synesthesia. I also have symptoms of Stendhal Syndrome, which may explain the love of glitter and ADHD.
I have been found doing, or being the following-
I write, and work for various magazines and newspapers in the city of New Delhi
I am a student of Kathak
Amateur photographer, but who isn’t, these days? My weapon of choice- Nikon D3100
Amateur theater actress
Formula One enthusiast
Voracious reader and hoarder of books
Overenthusiastic baker and home-chef
Old jazz and blues, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzegerald, Robindrosongeet. Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica.
I hold opinions on the political situation in the country and the world, and like to believe they are not only ‘the most correct’ but also that no-one can ever come up with such views.
Grammar Nazi.
I follow fashion, and subscribe to the notion than dressing up and looking good are Divine Rights. which do not take away from my Divine Duties of having opinions beyond the color of the season.
Sensex, stocks and shares. Fascinating. Capitalist through and through.
– Which doesn’t mean i can’t be the Mother Teresa of Capitalism. I have a conscience, and i use it well. Which makes me a Sunday teacher of little children.
Environmental activism, cry cold blood if you litter. Greenpeace volunteer.
Maybe you confuse my thoughts as being “feminist”, and label me as “those feminist types”, but the word you’re looking for actually, is a Humanist. Which doesn’t mean i won’t sucker-punch you if you ask me to make you a sandwich.
Growing flowers in my garden.
Wearing flowers in my hair.
Travel. I have a map of the world on the wall in front of my bed, giving me another reason to wake up.
Other things i love, in random order of appearance-
Little babies. A good single malt. Unicorns and pixies and fairies. Enid Blyton and Ayn Rand and Harry Potter. Dance. Stars and the Moon. Breakfast. New Delhi. Lindt dark chocolate. Shopping. The fragrance of jasmine in the night air. Myself. The most.
You have been warned.

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